Operator: Enno J. Korma, PF5X

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Introduction I was in Singapore on an ex-pat assignment from August 2004 until July 2006. I returned to The Netherlands by mid July 2006, and closed down the station on June 17th, 2006. So, ....
  • 9V1CW is now Q R T ! ! !

    My last QSO as 9V1CW was on June 16th, 2006 on 15:01 utc with UA4FRL.
    I was active as S65X and S61FD during the weekend of 8/9 July (514 QSOs in the IARU contest as S65X).
    I had a wonderful ham radio life in Singapore. Big thanks go to the local ham radio community, who I quickly got acquainted with. The hobby is still very real and alive out here. Maybe just because the next hams are living away at multiple hop distance (except for the YBs, 9M2s and HSs). So, it's very much focussed on HF, which is good if you like that (I do ..). There are many component shops (Sim Lim Tower, an eldorado for the ham), and many hardware shops and workshops where you can have made just anything you like for a low price. Try that in Europe ...
    And there is so much more. The region is just fantastic ! If you ever get the chance, do not hesitate and visit this place.
    I'll miss it: Singapore ...

  • Previous news
    Next activities of S65X and S61FD
    Some hardware added to the shack ...
    Antenna system beefed up ...
    Singapore active during PACC (11/12-Feb-2006): S65X
    Malaysian island groups aired in Oct/Nov 2005 by 9M2/PF5X
    Fieldday Singapore style: BIG success !!
    First 6 meter opening
    RTTY and PSK31
    Six Meters, it's a go !!
    SARTS meeting January 2005 (picture)
QSL information Enno Korma, PF5X. (e-mail)
De Strengen 34
The Netherlands

I am using BV7 by DF3CB for QSL management.
QSL policy

100% reply of received QSL

This holds for first time claim of a given band/mode, but not for duplicate claims
Received cards will be answered in the following way:
  • Cards received by bureau will be answered via the bureau
  • Cards received directly will be answered likewise provided an SAE and sufficient return postage is included.
    • 1$ or 1€ for standard mail to EU ONLY
    • 2$ or 2€ for priority airmail inside and outside Europe
    NOTE1: IBRS envelopes are not accepted. Cards will be returned via the bureau.
    NOTE2: We will confirm dupes along with first time band/mode claims as long as it does not cost an extra card
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