Operator: Enno J. Korma, PF5X

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Introduction PF5X is active since August 2003 when the Dutch authorities granted us the choice of 2X1 call signs. My initial call was PAØERA, which I used from April 1974 until Dec 1998. Between Dec 1998 and August 2003 the Dutch authorities granted 2X2 calls with more flexibility in the prefixes, during which time I used PA5EA.
I am active on most HF bands (40-10m, and 80/160m occasionally when I string out temporary antennas for these bands). On VHF I am only active on 6m, but with great enthusiasm (194 countries worked).
I lived in Singapore from August 2004 until August 2006 and was active as 9V1CW.
  • PF5X HamBlog opened

    Per today, 09-mar-2007, you can read my "daily" amateur radio activities on my Weblog. See the link in the navigation bar. This website will continue to support the on-line logs

  • Previous news
    CQ contest ... (PACC & ARRL CW)
    Back in The Netherlands again ...
    Combi dipole for 30 & 40m ready and up !
    Combi dipole did not hold against gust of 7 Bft ...
    3 elements SteppIR up and runnning !
    30/40m combi dipole V2 in the tower !
    Storm Kyrill on 18-Jan-2007 and its consequences ...
QSL information Enno Korma, PF5X. (e-mail)
De Strengen 34
The Netherlands

I am using BV7 by DF3CB for QSL management.
QSL policy

100% reply of received QSL

This holds for first time claim of a given band/mode, but not for duplicate claims
Received cards will be answered in the following way:
  • Cards received by bureau will be answered via the bureau
  • Cards received directly will be answered likewise provided an SAE and sufficient return postage is included.
    • 1$ or 1€ for standard mail to EU ONLY
    • 2$ or 2€ for priority airmail inside and outside Europe
    NOTE1: IBRS envelopes are not accepted. Cards will be returned via the bureau.
    NOTE2: We will confirm dupes along with first time band/mode claims as long as it does not cost an extra card
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Contact If you need to contact me (NOT for skeds), drop an e-mail.