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The FT8 jungle

The last few days, conditions on 6 and 4 metres were quite good. Even with my modest station, some nice DX was worked on 6. Back in 1989, I became rather frustrated because I had ‘half a QSO’ in CW with CO2KK. He unfortunately took my call as PA2HJH instead of PA2HJS and I was… Continue reading »

The FT8 frenzy

It is quite obvious that the internet helps to spread news very fast and thus, a real FT8 explosion took place. On busy moments there is a myriad of stations and it is impressive to watch how good the WSJT-X software decodes the whole bunch every 15 seconds. Hats off for the developers! The FT8… Continue reading »

Surprise from Hawaii

During the morning of Feb. 23, conditions across the north pole appeared to be good. My JT signals were spotted in Alaska and on Hawaii. WH7AA (Hawaii) and KL7J (Alaska) reported me just after 06:00 UTC. The path to Hawaii crosses the polar region and is prone to absorption. Although the magnetic indices were not… Continue reading »

Propagation to VK continues

Propagation to VK continues

Today, another good opening to Australia was recorded. During the last month, quite a number of openings occurred, showing that propagation from Europe to Australia is not as rare as I initially thought. In a number of cases, a peak is observed around 19:30 UTC. At that time, in Australia the sun is already above… Continue reading »

JT: you hate it or you love it…or?

In my humble opinion, Joe Taylor, K1JT, is a true innovator for the amateur service. As a scientist, Joe received several notable awards. The amateur community should be grateful for his efforts and resulting advancement. Many amateurs may forget that our use of frequency spectrum is justified by experiments, with possible spin-off that benefits everyone…. Continue reading »