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The Fox and Hounds

Today, I stumbled upon a write-up of Joe Taylor, K1JT about developing a version of FT8, intended to be used by DXpeditions. In spite of the fact, that I do not favour FT8, especially because it takes out the lower tier of the signal to noise range, I consider this an interesting and valuable development…. Continue reading »

Simple steerable array

Simple steerable array

Trying to improve reception on 60 metres, many experiments followed, but nothing worked… It reminded me about Catweazle, a  wizard in a TV series that ran during the early seventies. Numerous receive antennas were tried, but none of them outperformed my dipole. Close to the dipole were a flag and a resonant loop. The flag… Continue reading »

Surprise from Hawaii

During the morning of Feb. 23, conditions across the north pole appeared to be good. My JT signals were spotted in Alaska and on Hawaii. WH7AA (Hawaii) and KL7J (Alaska) reported me just after 06:00 UTC. The path to Hawaii crosses the polar region and is prone to absorption. Although the magnetic indices were not… Continue reading »