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The Fox and Hounds

Today, I stumbled upon a write-up of Joe Taylor, K1JT about developing a version of FT8, intended to be used by DXpeditions. In spite of the fact, that I do not favour FT8, especially because it takes out the lower tier of the signal to noise range, I consider this an interesting and valuable development…. Continue reading »

The FT8 frenzy

It is quite obvious that the internet helps to spread news very fast and thus, a real FT8 explosion took place. On busy moments there is a myriad of stations and it is impressive to watch how good the WSJT-X software decodes the whole bunch every 15 seconds. Hats off for the developers! The FT8… Continue reading »

FCC fooled?

Recently, I received a note that Chines radio modems are used for telemetry. The note states that these transceivers are operating on our 2 metre band between 144 and 146 MHz. More details are expected. Along with the note, a link was sent with a URL to a Chinese company, selling these transceivers. They operate… Continue reading »

Interference of Things

These days, we often hear the abbreviation IoT, which refers to the Internet of Things. For me, the abbreviation triggered the term “Interference of Things”. We live in an age of ever growing numbers of electronic devices, that all have one thing in common: they need power and thus can be the source of unwanted… Continue reading »

Paper QSL cards? Check ON5UR!

Paper QSL cards? Check ON5UR!

Today, I received my new QSL cards. I ran out of them quite some time ago and looking around on the internet, I found ON5UR Maxi-Print. Well, I can strongly recommend Max, ON5UR. I was really surprised by his quality of service. I sent a design which he could have printed “as is” but instead,… Continue reading »

6T9 (promoting JT9)

6T9 (promoting JT9)

Recently, I published an article with tips for more success on 60 metres. In the article, I said that it would be a good idea to switch from JT65 to to JT9, when a band is crowded. Because of the reduced bandwidth, more stations will fit into the available spectrum. On some bands it can… Continue reading »

Quickly losing ham bands?

On the site of the IARU region 1 monitoring system (“intruder watch”) one can find newsletters and reports about what is going on with regard to intruders and pirates. I am grateful for their effort. On page 2 of the December 2016 report, VK5EEE paints a picture that sent me shivers down my spine. Although… Continue reading »

JT: you hate it or you love it…or?

In my humble opinion, Joe Taylor, K1JT, is a true innovator for the amateur service. As a scientist, Joe received several notable awards. The amateur community should be grateful for his efforts and resulting advancement. Many amateurs may forget that our use of frequency spectrum is justified by experiments, with possible spin-off that benefits everyone…. Continue reading »