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Simple steerable array

Simple steerable array

Trying to improve reception on 60 metres, many experiments followed, but nothing worked… It reminded me about Catweazle, a  wizard in a TV series that ran during the early seventies. Numerous receive antennas were tried, but none of them outperformed my dipole. Close to the dipole were a flag and a resonant loop. The flag… Continue reading »

The next threat: G.fast?

In PA-land, the telephone network is underground. Overhead telephone lines are a thing from the past here. I do not know of interference cases, which does not mean that interference does not exist. As the industry tries to find ways to make money increase the bandwidth, new standards are developed. One of them is G.fast…. Continue reading »

Wind farms: more noise coming

A paper, prepared for the upcoming IARU Region 1 conference, raised another alarm bell for me. Although up till now, no wind farms are near my QTH, but from the IARU paper, it can be learned that wind farms cause interference at distances up to several kilometres! Here is the report:Radiated RF emissions from wind… Continue reading »

QRM causing device? Penalty $ 90k!

The FCC recently issued an order where AFX inc. will have to pay a $ 90,000 civil penalty for marketing non compliant equipment that caused interference. The company marketed LED lighting devices without prior authorisation. This is the FCC Order. It is about time, Europe adopted the same policy. The industry will think before marketing… Continue reading »

FCC fooled?

Recently, I received a note that Chines radio modems are used for telemetry. The note states that these transceivers are operating on our 2 metre band between 144 and 146 MHz. More details are expected. Along with the note, a link was sent with a URL to a Chinese company, selling these transceivers. They operate… Continue reading »

Interference of Things

These days, we often hear the abbreviation IoT, which refers to the Internet of Things. For me, the abbreviation triggered the term “Interference of Things”. We live in an age of ever growing numbers of electronic devices, that all have one thing in common: they need power and thus can be the source of unwanted… Continue reading »

More noise

More noise

In a recent post, I reported about my situation, comparing it with CISPR limits and came to the conclusion that these limits do not offer the required protection to comply with the European EMC directive. On the web, I found a report on the website of the European Communications Committee (ECC report 024, local copy),… Continue reading »

Noise, noise, noise

Noise, noise, noise

One of the most disturbing developments of the current time is the vast amount of electronic devices that are produced and fin their way to homes and businesses. Electronics have been around for many years, but in the past, these were mostly of an analogue nature. Yes, there were compatibility problems, but most problems were… Continue reading »