FCC fooled?

By   29 May 2017 19:39

Recently, I received a note that Chines radio modems are used for telemetry. The note states that these transceivers are operating on our 2 metre band between 144 and 146 MHz.

More details are expected.

Along with the note, a link was sent with a URL to a Chinese company, selling these transceivers. They operate between 136 and 174 MHz (some UHF models are available too).

The seller claims to have obtained a FCC certificate. On a picture, the FCC ID was seen and a quick search led to a FCC page with details of the grant (ID UU3FC301DV1)

Accompanying files can be found as well, like test reports and photos.

The pictures raise serious doubts. Compare the photos (click to zoom) and judge for yourself:

The test setup shows a room with some antennas and a device on a table. Zooming in on the antenna and device reveals that some antenna cables are not at all connected. Maybe one is, there seems to be a duct underneath the floor. The device on the table does not resemble the top left picture. The antenna and data connector are next to the label. But on the device in the test setup, no antenna or data connector is visible on that side.

We know a lot of dubious stories about Chines manufacturers and this one can be put on the list.

In case more info arrives with respect to the intrusive application on our amateur band, I will follow up on that.