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High mains voltage due to solar panels

High mains voltage due to solar panels

Last week an electrolytic Capacitor had failed in a 70’s measuring instrument (HP 8445B preselector). The capacitor in question is a smoothing capacitor in the power supply assembly. It stopped smoothing, but shorted the whole supply out. Poof, fuse blown. Thank goodness for that! Not much time that moment, so something for the next day…. Continue reading »

Entry level licence?

There were times when there was only one type of amateur radio licence. One had to pass a technical exam and a Morse code test, because telegraphy was the standard operation mode. Later on, a separate licence became available without the Morse test and only gave access to VHF and up. My first exam was… Continue reading »

Busy in France

During last winter, I have been very busy with the process of buying a second home in France. For several years, this was in the making and last November, the decision was made to acquire an old farm in the department Haute-Marne, about midway between Nancy and Dijon (grid square JN27). From my home in… Continue reading »

Some pictures from the past

Recently, I scanned some pictures and I though it was nice to share them here. Four of them are of the VHF/UHF/SHF contest station that we ran between 1981 and 1987. The first location was abandoned because of blocking trees. The latter location¬† was on top of a school building with a superb take-off. We… Continue reading »

Antenna memories (1992)

Antenna memories (1992)

Below, an annotated picture of my antenna setup, taken in 1992 (click on the photo to enlarge). Some years later, I moved to a different QTH and unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to put up the mast again:-(

Cycle 21 Crossband memories

Have a look at some of the QSL cards received from stations who were permitted to transmit on 6 meters. I could only listen or talk back on 10 meters. At the time, most 6 meters stations listened around 28.885 MHz. Conditions were so good, that I could hear European stations via backscatter on 10… Continue reading »