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QRPp on 60 meters

On Sunday, Sep 11, 2016, M0JCQ/P was experimenting with low power. He was using a portable setup with a KX3. James recorded the experiment. I like the nice country view, that can be seen near the end of the video. With regard to the QSO, unfortunately, I did not record my end of the contact,… Continue reading »

Surprise reception from VP8ALJ

Surprise reception from VP8ALJ

Another remarkable surprise reception of my JT65 signals was noticed on Sep, 9th, 2016. VP8ALJ apparently had a receiver running on 60 meters and copied my signal with -21 dB. Not only a remarkable distance (nearly 13,000 km) but also showing what 60 meters has to offer. Thanks to VP8ALJ for his effort!  

50 MHz Study

When the 50 MHz permits were issued in The Netherlands in 1988, it was agreed with the authorities that we should report about the results of the experiments on 50 MHz.
The aim of the study was to correlate 6 meter openings to environmental properties, like solar flux, magnetic activity and the like.