Down under continued…

By   11 November 2016 23:15

Today, after returning home, I checked and spots from VK7BO were again there, so I decided to start sending CQ’s, hoping to get a number of samples, to compare with yesterday.

The opening peaked -7 dB at best, but this time, a number of -7’s were recorded. Unfortunately, hamspots only showed the last 250 spots, so it took a bit of creativity with filters to get the spot data together. I may miss a few, but the overall picture is clear.

JT65 signal strength (SNR) on Nov 11, 2016 (time UTC)

JT65 signal strength (SNR) on Nov 11, 2016 (time UTC)

The signal strength dropped quicker this time. Yesterday, the signal was lost a bit after 21:00 and decayed more slowly.

The peak was again around 19:30 to 19:40. From then on, the SNR remained fairly constant before it started to drop. In about a quarter of an hour, the signal strength decayed from about 12 to -19 and was lost after that.

The next days, I will dig a bit deeper and want to combine the two charts, to be able to compare them at a glance.