Tip: adjusting height could minimise noise

By   23 December 2015 22:30

Today, I was working on my inverted V for 60 meters.

One of the major problems is man made noise, from sources like switch mode power supplies etc.

I noticed different noise levels as I changed the height of the wires.

I decided to play around with the wires and I was able to null out noise (or at least to minimise it) by adjusting the height of the wires. The difference was more than one S-unit. Incredible!

A sketch of the “how-to” below (click to enlarge):


The sketch shows one end of the inverted V antenna.

The mast supports the green pulley. The shed, next to the mast came handy for the blue pulley.

The red pulley can be moved up and down by adjusting the wire, that is guided by the green pulley. The green and blue pulleys are fixed. The bottle is filled with about half a liter of water, to obtain constant tension of the wires with windy conditions.