Surprise from Hawaii

By   23 February 2017 21:58

During the morning of Feb. 23, conditions across the north pole appeared to be good. My JT signals were spotted in Alaska and on Hawaii.

WH7AA (Hawaii) and KL7J (Alaska) reported me just after 06:00 UTC.

The path to Hawaii crosses the polar region and is prone to absorption. Although the magnetic indices were not very low (the K index was about 2), the good conditions surprised me. I had not seen spots from Hawaii and just once from Alaska.

Unfortunately, I only received WH7AA just once when he finished a QSO with a station in the USA. My noise level is one of the difficulties that I have, because of man made noise. I also had my antenna lowered because of expected storms, so my station was suboptimal.

Nevertheless, it illustrates that 60 metres is a band with many surprises. Let us hope that conditions allow a QSO soon.