6T9 (promoting JT9)

By   18 January 2017 15:10

Recently, I published an article with tips for more success on 60 metres.

In the article, I said that it would be a good idea to switch from JT65 to to JT9, when a band is crowded. Because of the reduced bandwidth, more stations will fit into the available spectrum.

On some bands it can be very busy and with JT65, signals are overlapping and cause QRM. The effectiveness of the system will degrade and using JT9 can mitigate this.

The performance of JT9 is comparable with JT65 and with less QRM, it will be more effective.

Steve, GM0HUU, suggested “6T9“, which can be interpreted as “On 60, use JT9” or “From JT65 To JT9“.

We decided to create an image that can be used as a sticker or the like, to promote using JT9 on HF bands. They were designed by my friend Rene Steijns, who has a company called Groeischuur. Rene is a very creative person, with many good ideas.

If you would like to join the 6T9 advocates, please feel free use the images, put it on you QRZ page or your blog, or maybe even on your QSL card!

6T9 6t9_large 6t9_small_print