Quickly losing ham bands?

By   12 January 2017 20:38

On the site of the IARU region 1 monitoring system (“intruder watch”) one can find newsletters and reports about what is going on with regard to intruders and pirates. I am grateful for their effort.

On page 2 of the December 2016 report, VK5EEE paints a picture that sent me shivers down my spine. Although we observe intruders on the bands in Europe, like fishermen, pirates and the like, the situation in South America and around Indonesia is really grim.

According to the report, in some areas, our bands are prime target for pirates. It seems that most administrations do not care at all. VK5EEE mentions Thailand as a good exception. No equipment to be sold without a licence. That is where it should start.

Unless we take action, the risk of losing bands is very realistic. I fully agree with VK5EEE that more initiative is needed to stimulate the usage of our bands. Lowering the levels of exams does not solve the problem, but will have the opposite effect. I know from my own experience, that if you experiment, there is something to talk about. Those who buy expensive equipment, will become bored quickly and the equipment could end up being idle.

If you build equipment, it will be much more rewarding and it will encourage others.

Use it or lose it, experiment to increment!