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FCC fooled?

Recently, I received a note that Chines radio modems are used for telemetry. The note states that these transceivers are operating on our 2 metre band between 144 and 146 MHz. More details are expected. Along with the note, a link was sent with a URL to a Chinese company, selling these transceivers. They operate… Continue reading »

Interference of Things

These days, we often hear the abbreviation IoT, which refers to the Internet of Things. For me, the abbreviation triggered the term “Interference of Things”. We live in an age of ever growing numbers of electronic devices, that all have one thing in common: they need power and thus can be the source of unwanted… Continue reading »

TenTec 229 tuner modification

Curiosity is one of my key drivers. Copying others is a dull game. Of course, sometimes, it is easier to make a copy than to create a bad lookalike, but in general, I prefer to explore unthreaded paths. That must be in my DNA:-) Thus, with the new 60 m allocation, these radio waves started… Continue reading »